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Oh yeah, this is good I tell you what. 2 of my favorite things combined together here.

How hard can it all be?! Ha ha

Pizza Girl alright!!!

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I had to come play this just because of the name. Zombies Ate My Neighbors and Soviets. Two of my favorite things.

Combat Cars!

Reminded me sorta like combat cars on Sega Genesis. Sweet Game, tough though, later on. And I thought the controls were smooth.

One of the Coolest Ideas Ever!

Awesome game! Taking a classic and changing it up with other classic characters. Love it. Can't Wait to see more crossovers!

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I really have a great time with these episodes. Loads of fun! Well that Ben Affled Accountant movie hasn't come out yet but as I was working on my animation the trailer was released. So I thought, I guess I should refrence that Accountant. Ha ha. Also when he pulls the gun barrel forward. He was actually supposed to be cleaning the gun and dismantling it, not cocking he gun. But due to time I just had him check it quickly with a cocking sound. Well I can't wait to start animating next months topic. Got some ideas going already for it.

rubberonion responds:

i heard about the movie and then nothing else so i thought it already came out and then just flopped. yea i can't wait to see everyone's for this month I love the topic! and it was overwhelmingly voted in so that should mean something. great work! and always love the voicework haha

More fun as always. I'm glad you deciphered the Game Gear hidden gem in my Sonic Video. I thought that would be a nice nod to Sega since Sonic is always impatient anyways. Why not play some games? Funny enough, the game on the screen is actually True Lies. I put it on there cause we just did our 250th episode at that point which happened to be on True Lies. So that's the round about way of saying all that. Well keep up all the good times. Thanks again.

rubberonion responds:

haha i actually figured that out in real-time on the podcast, you heard it happen. I saved your last two episodes of the OMO podcast on my youtube app (I have Red) and played them when I was driving into the city this week. podcast buddies!

This was a fantastic interview! Great inspiration and tips. I checked out some of Robert Valley's Pear Cider and Cigarette work. Such a beautiful looking animation. I'll probably end up getting some of his books too.

rubberonion responds:

the thing i was most impressed by was the story and presentation of the film, i really recommend it

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Smash Bros DLC needs to return with Purah in Wave 3 now.

Very cool design structure with the other characters in the hair. Shantae's the best!

I met a guy once who used to work with the Colonel.

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